My Blog’s a Blog!

Hey there!

So it is official, my blog is becoming a blog rather than an online portfolio for my illustration! I’ve finally got my illustration website up and running with a few kinks to iron out here shortly. There you will find most recent illustrations and other projects. Have a look if you fancy.

But now for friends, family, and internet strangers, an update on my whereabouts and recent doings:

I’ve been in London for a few months spending some quality time with a dude you might have heard me talk about, Mr. Martin. Aside from drinking lots of tea, eating biscuits, and enjoying short burst of  sunshine now and again, I’ve been pretty busy with some self assigned illustration projects, making some paintings for an exhibit, and fingers crossed, being published in an Illustration Anthology for Amelia’s Magazine.

Martin and I have just returned from visiting my friend in Europe where I had a stellar time. For being horribly out of shape I was able to enjoy some hiking, climbing, bicycling, chocolate eating and wine drinking. Here are a few photos.

As for now I am packing my bags and preparing to catch up with one of my most favorite people, miss Katrina the magnificent, in New Zealand. We’ll be galavanting around the North and South islands in just a weeks time and then back to the motherland for the spring. I’m really jazzed to see NZ, and really getting stoked for my return to the States, I miss my friends and family. Here’s a good example of why.

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