Jurassic Park

I’m not sure where Jurassic Park was filmed, but it feels like were on set. In the past few weeks we have done a good amount of hiking. Hiking along the beach, in rain forests, rain, wind, sun, rocks, along rivers, onto glaciers and to hot pools. Along the way we have been accompanied by Wekas, cheeky duck like birds that have more courage than brains, serenaded by a forest of birds that I can never see, had the pleasure of viewing lazy seals on the beach, and watched glowworms light up like little fairies in parts of the forest, and not so pleased to be eaten alive by sand flies.

Thanks to some lovely Kiwi hospitality we joined in on a tasty BBQ and played my first cricket game, (I am a much better hitter with a paddle than with a softball bat.) I’ve been reluctantly working on my fear of bridges too. There are lots of bridges along the hikes, some massively long swinging bridges, those still get me. We were in Wanaka for just a few days. It is a really beautiful valley, nice town and tons of climbing off somewhere in the sheep and cattle pastures. We managed to climb a bit the evening before it started to rain again, and are now in Queenstown to catch Where the Wild Things Are and hopefully start some woofing tomorrow.

Much love from the future. x


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