Midwestern Hospitality: fact

It is true, it is all true. Midwestern hospitality is not a lie.

Occurrence number one:
After a long flight from Auckland to LA and making the decision that I will never again request a window seat on such a long flight (as it is nearly impossible to wake people up to be able to walk around and stretch your legs) I caught a plane from LA to KC.

It was a little plane one with two seats on either side of the isle. I’m in my seat in about the middle of the plane. And in the isle is a girl struggling to fit her massive over sized pink carry on into the overhead compartment. It is way to big to fit. Politely three dudes try to help her mash it into the overhead. This takes several minutes. Minutes that the people backed up in the isle are patiently enduring. All quietly, no signs of impatience, just waiting, no huffing and puffing, no heavy sighs.

The bag won’t fit, no way. She plops down in her seat with it on her lap. The people start to move down the isle in a constant chatter of “Oh, no you first. “Oh, no you go ahead.” “Please after you.”


I’m sitting there grinning at the sight of such complete politeness, and in my head thinking please someone just sit down. Patience is a virtue.

Occurrence number two:
My Dad and I are driving on the long road back to Lawrence. I pull over at my standard turnpike pit stop outside Emporia. So I’m in the loo, and look to the side and spy an empty roll of toilet paper. Big sigh. Look at the top of the dispenser and smile. Someone has ever so kindly placed a little pile of clean tp for the taking.

Only in the midwest. Or maybe not, either way a fine thing to come home to.


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