Shoes for Haiti

This began to take place about two weeks ago.

My dear friend Jess and I are having coffee catching up after 5 months. We catch up on family and friends talk and then she breaks in with “lets talk about shoes.”

Jess is not the kind of girl to talk about shoes, unless it has something to do with where to resole a pair of well loved climbing shoes.

Ok shoes.

In short Jess tells me that she is going to be running a marathon in the near future, she needs a new pair of running shoes to train in, looks in her closet and sees she’s got 5 pair of running shoes already. But not the kind you’d like to train for a marathon in…She goes to bed, wakes up in the morning and says “I’m going to send my shoes to Haiti.”

Within a few hours the next morning she is in contact with Garry Gribble, the running shoe man of the midwest. He’s on board to help Jess with a shoe drive.

With a belly full of excitement and uneasiness, we finish our coffee and begin brainstorming how to make it happen.

With a week or so behind us, many donations, and the partnership of Soles4Souls, Jess has taken the lead and organized a massive effort to gather, send, and deliver shoes to Haiti. In our first week we’ve collected 1,000+

If you’re interested in the effort please check it out at

. Donald loaded up with donations.


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