European Tour o-eleven

I’ve been lame and not posted in a long time…But I have a very good reason. I was in Europe for April and as I am still stuck in the stone ages without a fancy inter-netting-phone or laptop, I wasn’t able to post.

But I’m back in my studio in the U S of A and happy to share my photos and story.

In brief the trip was  a m a z i n g. When the customs man at the airport asked if my trip was for business or pleasure, I got to say both.

I went to the Bologna Children’s Book Fair for the first time and had my mind blown. So many books to look at, people to talk to, friends to make, and illustrations to inspire. It was wonderful. My new-found friend, Diana, and I became each others cheerleaders as we approached publishers to show our portfolios to.  I got a lot of positive feedback and am excited to continue working hard as I try to get in the children’s book world.

From the Fair my boyfriend, Ashton, and I visited friends in Switzerland. We had the pleasure of meeting their friends and family, and picnicking at the base of a beautiful waterfall in the sunshine. Then we stayed along the southern cost of France at a great little campsite just 45 minute walk from the beach. We visited local museums and markets and continued to soak up more sun.

Then the first class train ride to Paris. (fortunately when you are a ‘youth’ train tickets are cheaper if you ride first class…don’t ask me why) It was our first time in Paris and we enjoyed walking around doing many of the main tourist things, visiting the tower, considering the line at the Louvre, and deciding it would take half a day just to get inside, relaxing in the parks and gardens, and visiting more museums.

For me, visiting Paris for the first time was a guaranteed wonderful time…and then to make it even better, I finally visited Shakespeare & Co! It has been a year since I first started working for them from afar. So it was great to met everyone for the first time. The bookstore is just as magical and beautiful as all the pictures and stories that I’ve heard, and so are the people. Thank you to everyone at the shop who gave us a welcoming place to stay, beautiful places to visit, and being the icing on the cake of wonderful trip to Europe!

Below are some photos from our Euro tour o-eleven.

I am so grateful to have the life I have and to know the people I know.



One thought on “European Tour o-eleven

  1. Hello Lindsey! I was in Paris recently and was able to see your artwork at Shakespeare and Company! Wonderful! I am an artist myself and of course, I was drawn to the quaintness of your artwork and the building! I have looked at your website and blog and look forward to following your blog. I am from California. Blessings on your gift of art!

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