Traveling Sketchbooks

In 2009 I had an idea. I thought it was a brilliant idea. I still do, if only I could get it to work.

The idea was like the surrealist’s game ‘exquisite corpse’ but was to be played over a long period of time and distance. At the time I was living away from home and I had friends all over the place and thought it would be fun to play a snail mail version of exquisite corpse.

I made several little accordion fold sketchbooks, attached a return address, and sent them off to friends in South Korea, Mexico, Oregon, New Zealand, and I started on in England. As you can imagine there are many hang ups in such a long-term game. The mail system for example, the book to Mexico never arrived. Also, catching people’s attention enough to have them make a drawing, (and responsible enough) pass it on to another person to do the same six times over!

Similar to my last post, it is like fishing. I think I started 6 books then and I believe the more I send out, the higher the chance of a few returning one day. Completely full of art from different people all over the place, all making one big picture.

Last month I started a new book with a friend who has a family of artists and intended to share the book with them. I am looking forward to what they make. The book below also has a starter, a watercolorists south of Lawrence. My goal is to start 6 or so each year. If you are interested in knowing more or think you would like to partake in a traveling sketchbook please contact me and I’ll do my best.

There is a bit more information and pictures of other traveling sketchbooks on my website.

Leah’s beautiful picture started in South Korea, hope it is still traveling around Seoul filling up!


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