Brownback’s sabatoge

I try to keep my blog to art and art related things, and this certainly relates, however there aren’t any pretty pictures to go with my text today.

Today I need to blag about something that has my panties in a bunch, or knickers in a twist, or poop in my pants, any way you put it it’s hard to sit still and not say anything about how uncomfortable and upset I am. But keep in mind, if you lived in Kansas right now you would understand, after all our Governor is Sam Brownback.

It has boiled in me for a few months now, but this morning in the Lawrence Journal World I read this in response for eliminating the funding for the Kansas Arts Commission:

‘His spokeswoman Sherriene Jones-Sontag reiterated Brownback’s statement…”You don’t go out and buy art for the house when you are behind on the mortgage,” Jones-Sontag said.’

–Which is true. But funding the arts isn’t ‘buying art for a house’; it is investing in the heath and education of your people. So I’ll translate what Brownback has said to this, ‘When your country is struggling to keep its head above water in the world today, you don’t invest in education and health.’

After all, Governor Sam Brownback has made it very clear that health and education are not ‘core values’ for our great state of Kansas. For anyone who isn’t familiar with his accomplishments here are a few:

-eliminating the budget for Planned Parenthood,

-eliminating the budget for the Kansas Arts Commission,

-closing the Social and Rehabilitation Services office in Lawrence

-and not to mention the 50$ million dollars of the states 56.5$ million was cut from EDUCATION!

So I have a question for you, please answer me this, seriously now, what are your top priorities/values/things of most importance for our country and our state?

While you’re thinking about it have a listen to the King, maybe Brownback hasn’t heard this one. Walk a Mile in My Shoes


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