Bluebird: A Brief History

“I’ve worked so hard. I’ve worked so hard. I’ve worked so hard.”

That is what I sobbed to myself in the bathroom at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in 2012. I had made contact with not one but two houses who wanted to publish my book. And now, almost 2 years later I have both copies in my hands. Bluebird, in English and  In cerca del vento, in Italian.

It’s been an immense amount of work and fun to get Bluebird off the ground and I can’t help but think of all the little steps along the way. We’ve grown a lot together, Bluebird and I. In the beginning I hardly drank tea, had little preference of what pen I used, and knew of a thing called a “scanner” but didn’t really know what they were for. And Bluebird wasn’t always blue. She had been a house wren first, had phase of being red for a while, and finally settled on blue in 2009. Her identity has grown over the years and I think she’d turned out to be a bold, self-confident little bird.

So from house wren, to bluebird, through 2 trips to the greatest book fair in the world, many happy discoveries, and hiccups along the way, entertain me and have a look through some key photos from creating Bluebird.


2 thoughts on “Bluebird: A Brief History

  1. Lindsey, I am so thrilled for you. Your pictures are magic. What an accomplishment. I saw in the Wichita Eagle that Blue Bird was #8 on Watermark’s book sales list last week. YOU deserve to have wonderful things happen with this book…and I am cheering you along.
    Ann B

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