Sun and Moon!

Raven-ReadingLooking forward to reading and signing copies of Sun and Moon next Thursday. I’ll be talking about the process of making the book and working on the illustrations. Hope to see folks there!

Publishers Weekly Review of Sun and Moon

“In a fablelike story about greener grasses and discovering wonder in one’s own circumstances, the moon wishes to take the place of the sun for a day: “Moon imagined Sun saw beautiful sights like flowers blooming, children playing, and tigers sunbathing.” While Sun agrees to switch places, there are two conditions—that Moon agrees to take on Sun’s role forever and that he must first closely observe what unfolds on the Earth during the night. Yankey’s (Bluebird) poetic descriptions provide ample opportunity for her inky, enigmatic artwork to flourish. After dark, Moon observes gold-inlaid elephants forming a towering canopy for a nighttime carnival, lean foxes awakening in a den of wildflowers, and exploding fireworks that resemble stained glass. He also witnesses the whimsical dreams of children, boys and girls borne aloft in sailboats, a goose, and hot-air balloons. Ornamental detailing, collage elements, and delicately penciled figures that call to mind 19th-century children’s book illustrations (a gangly lamplighter could be kin to the Mad Hatter) combine to create a lyrical reverie. Ages 4–8. (Apr.)”


One thought on “Sun and Moon!

  1. I just bought The Sun & the Moon the other day. I love it! Beautiful work!! I really bought it for myself but my two year old daughter loved the illustrations too. 🙂

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